Request a refund and exchange

Return / Replacement: 


In ALOEVISION you can not only buy easily, but also return products easily. If you are not satisfied with the product you bought, regardless of the reason, you can return it within 14 days of delivery. 

The COMPANY should receive the product with its original box / package with a label, without indications that the product has been used by the customer, without being damaged or treated in any way. 

The customer has the right to receive only the value of the returned goods, as it was at the request and purchase. In case the customer finds obvious defects in the goods, he can return the item and request a refund. Complaints about the goods must be filed as soon as a defect is found. In this case the delivery is at the expense of ALOEVISION 

Return conditions: 

The costs for the transport (courier service) are at the expense of ALOEVISION only in the cases of defective (factory damaged goods) or incorrectly sent item. Also in cases where the customer has paid the value of the entire cash on delivery, and his shipment was missing one or more items. Then resending is at the expense of  ALOEVISION 


In case the product delivered by us was accompanied by a gift, when you return the product, you must return the gift. 

In case you have purchased more than one identical product and want to return two or more of them, only one of these products can be opened. The rest must be sealed. Otherwise they will not be accepted. 

Cash security: 

In case of return of goods, the customer is obliged to return the item to the following address: 


21502 Geesthacht 

Klaus Groth Weg 18 


The returned item must be received by us in good commercial condition (in the form in which it was sent by us). 

For this purpose, please reflect the “Test and Review” option when completing the shipment through the courier company. 

The returned shipment must be WITHOUT cash on delivery. Once our team has reviewed the returned content, the value of the returned item will be sent to your bank account. 

Each client needs to send their bank account correctly written to the following e-mail: