levitating illusion


This amazing magic is perfect for festivals, private parties, exhibitions, themed events, ceremonies, product launches, corporate events and more.

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  • Our levitating illusion will delight and astound guests of young and old as they levitate in the air.
  • Defying the laws of gravity and creatinga fascinating visual spectacle.
  • Street theatre at its finest.This exceptional act will have everyone at your event doing a double take as they notice the living statues floating in mid-air without any apparent support.
  • Trying to figure out whether this is an optical illusion,a clever feat of engineering, or simply a stunning phenomenon,guests will really surprised of our levitating illusion of natural curiosity and a childlike fascination for the fantastic.
  • Interacting with passersby and handing out cards of wisdom with enlightening messages written on them.
  • Our levitating illusion will put smiles on faces and bring an element of magic and wonder to any event.


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levitating illusion